Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Related to Extender IP address

The default IP address for almost all the extender is

Open any of your updated web browser and type in the address bar of the browser and press enter.

The default username and the password is “admin.” Both the username and the password is case sensitive.

The user can choose to reset the Coredy extender in case they forget the password for their extender. After that, the user can again login to their extender using the default information on the admin page i.e. ap.setup.

Connect your PC or laptop to the ****_Ext wireless network and go to on the web address. Follow the instructions to the setup your extender.

Yes, you can change the wireless password for your extender by accessing the extender login page via IP address.

The color of power light on your extender should either be green for all the models.

You need to reset your extender and set it up again. In case there is still no internet, contact your Internet service company.

Go to wireless settings in your Ipad. Tap and hold the extender wireless network and click on forget option. Try to connect your Ipad with the extender wireless network again.

Keep your extender in the center of the room where you want strong signals. Always keep your extender away from other electronic devices like coffee machines, refrigerators, and washing machine.

Log in to your extender via IP address. Click on the wireless settings on the extender page. Delete the old wireless name and type in the new SSID for your extender. Click save to change the wireless name.

Type IP address in the URL bar of the browser. Fill in the login credentials for the extender and access the web-based interface of the extender. Click the advanced settings and select the reset option. Wait for a while and let your extender to reboot by itself. Congrats, now your extender is reset to the default manufacturer settings.

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